Operation Gains

Meet Our Leaders

Qualifying and placing nationally in the national powerlifting organization USAPL, Dilan and Abhinav procured the passion to open this program. With health and fitness in mind, they have created events that cater towards leaving an impact while teaching healthy habits. Currently, they are working on creating digital media to make it easier to start working out while learning the fundamentals with the help of professionals.


Operation Gains Fitness and Nutrition Basics Project

Our team researched the foundation of nutrition and fitness with the help of a friend, Duke Tang, who is also a PT and USAPL competitor. The research was then put into an easy-to-understand presentation with the hopes for people to live healthier lives. With detailed explanations, appealing visuals, and further resources, our research project is a great starting place no matter where you are on your fitness journey.


Operation Gains Achievements


Walk The Message 8-25-21

Spreading awareness to our community is very important to us. Therefore, we decided to help others “walk the message”!! Our members came together to promote awareness for various global issues at The Central Park at Lewisville. Through creatively spreading these messages, we were essentially able to bring light to several important issues affecting our community.